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Well-Recognised Foreign Investment Law Firm

Yoo Law Group LLC supports the firm’s Foreign Investment practice, which provides service to U.S. clients investing in North Asian clients seeking to establish a presence in the United States. 

Seasoned Attorneys

We have seasoned attorneys who understand employment law from a plaintiff and defendant point of view, enabling us to put you in the strongest position in negotiation and litigation.

Our Commitment

Our professionals have dedicated their legal careers to helping workers and employers when things take a wrong turn in the workplace. So, no matter what went wrong, we can help you find a solution.

Yoo Law Group, LLC

Our firm name has changed from Law Offices of Rachel J. Yoo, LLC to YOO LAW GROUP, LLC, effective 8/6/2021. Although we have been renamed, we are still the same great legal representatives that will fight for your rights.

Fighting for Your Rights

Yoo Law Group, LLC

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